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This valuation tool follows months of development and research by experts in business valuation, accounting, business brokering and website due diligence and includes input from many buyers in various website marketplaces.

It's based on a large database of real sales.

It isn't 100% accurate but it's the most accurate free online valuation there is.

It's still in beta so please bear with us if some functions don't work.

The tool is currently enabled for valuing Content Sites and Blogs only. Other categories are not enabled for public use yet.

Valuation Tool

Required Fields:

Domain Name:  
Gross amount earned per month in US Dollars (USD): $.
Total expenses on advertising, hosting etc but excluding management time, in USD: $.
How many months has the site been earning at the current level:  
What type of site is it (choose from the drop down box):     
I want the earnings and financial figures to be included in the report:  

Optional Fields
 (filling them results in a more accurate valuation):

Amount of time required to run this site in hours per month:  
Number of unique monthly visitors:     
Number of page views per month:  
How many signed up members (if applicable):     
How many opt-in subscribers (if applicable):     
The level of skill required to run this site on a scale of 1-10:     
Volume of and uniqueness of content on a scale of 1-10:     
Contact details if you want potential buyers to contact you directly:
Telephone (with country and area code):  





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