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This site is about finding and capitalising on business opportunities online (and off).

Wherever in the world you are, and whatever your age, there is an online business or money making opportunity that suits you. More importantly, you're going to find it's fun to make money online. It's a great adventure and we want you to join us.

There is no cost other than having an open mind. Keep that wallet safely away, there's not even an ebook we're selling here.

The site is under constant development. No, really. Already live is extensive information on working for yourself, working from home, starting up in business, selling websites and on buying websites that are profitable businesses. Coming soon are new sections on opportunities and reviews of successful online business models. Latest: Sign up for our newsletter.

We are constantly adding material like the hugely popular 101 Top Ways of Making Money Online and Making Money With Domains and, the latest, 101 Alternatives To Adsense. We also have articles with brilliant ideas on emerging business opportunities and tips from people who've started and run successful Internet businesses

We want to excite your interest and show how YOU can earn money working from home. Read this site for FREE or go pay for some half-baked ebook.

We've also put together a few resources. For example, there are some sample documents you might need when buying an Internet business (Non Disclosure Agreement | Memorandum of Sale | Contract for the Sale of a Website). There are also some useful website tools for webmasters and Internet business professionals. And lots more.

The lighter side of this site includes an Alternative Webmaster Glossary.



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