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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The truth about website valuations

There is a lot of spurious information about the valuation of websites. Many of them are from so called authorities but offer largely misleading advice. Various valuation tools on the internet provide inflated values that have no basis in reality and are far removed from the prices sites achieve at real-life sales and auctions.

What do we do different?

Here, at eBizValuations, we monitor real sales at various locations. The data from each sale - from earnings, unique visitors, members and subscribers to Page Rank, age of site and business model are carefully analyzed and recorded. When you type in a domain and other data, that's compared against all the accumulated information to calculate the price it's most likely to sell at.

Who is behind this?

The owner of this site, an entrepreneur with extensive experience of buying and selling sites, was originally commissioned by the world's largest site for sale forums, Sitepoint, to put together a definitive report on site valuation. He was joined by various experts, business groups who've spent tens of millions of dollars buying sites, accountants specializing in the valuing of business assets, business brokers and authors of books on business valuation and real life buyers and sellers. Various models of valuing businesses were considered. Traditional valuation methods and principles, from Discounted Cash Flow to Pricing of Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property, were discussed at length.

The group of experts finally decided that the most accurate appraisals would take into account not just standard business principles and online business realities but also current market sentiment.

The net result of this project was a report called The Ultimate Guide to Valuing Websites (see report on Sitepoint) and ... this eBizValuations site. 

How do you calculate value?

Anybody can "value" sites but if they have neither the money nor inclination to proceed with a purchase, their valuation is of limited use.

We take from you some basic information about the site you own (or are interested in). We use that information to compare the target site against sites in our database with the most relevant and pertinent matches to the target site. We then use our proprietary formulae to calculate the price the target site is likely to reach at auction.

Is that all you provide?

Actually, no. Run a site through our report engine and you'll get a report not just on its value but the justification for that value, and a buying report that discloses a lot of useful information about the site. Use it as a buying report, an SEO report or a due diligence guide. You'll get the site's PR, various traffic ranking reports, detailed analysis of the site's back links, and a lot more.

I have a suggestion

Please, please use the contact form to tell us about it. We'd love to hear from you whether it's a compliment or a criticism. If there's any way we can improve this tool, make it more useful to you, or sharpen the accuracy of the valuations we are eager to read about it. Want to integrate our service into a mashup? Fantastic! Here's our contact us page. For example: Provide a service to your customers by flagging buying opportunities: create a program to monitor site-for-sale forums grabbing the URL of each site that comes up for sale, running it through our valuation engine, and flagging those that we value at less than the asking BIN price.


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