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TLD: com
This is a detailed valuation report for,  Purplemath
The Valuation / Sales Summary Report
Domain Name:
Date this valuation report was created:  2011-11-14 00:11:12
Valuation (Content Site):
Estimated Price if sold at auction:   USD 1140800.00
Confidence Level: Chance that the sale price will be plus or minus 10% of the above valuation: 90%
Any valuation figure provided here is to be read in the context of the rest of the report on this page. Detailed Information
Background Report
This site was first registered on:
Age of site in days: 16184 days
Accounts: *
Gross earnings per month in USD: 60000.00
Total expenses on advertising hosting etc per month (excluding management time) in USD: 10000.00
Total time to run the site per month: 20
Level of skill to run the site:
(where 1 is no skill and 10 is very specific skill set/interest set)
Total estimated cost of management time per month: 400.00
Net profit per month: 49600.00
How long at this level of earnings (in months): 48
This is the site's Alexa rank: 22201
This is the Alexa graph showing the site's performance over the last six months (what?):
Compete discloses this information about the site:
Yahoo shows this number of links to this site, inclulding links to internal pages:
All Results
Of those, this many are links to the home page:
All Results
And this many are links to the internal pages: 0
This is the number of links from .edu and .gov sites:
All Results
Number of unique monthly visitors: 1400000*
Number of members/forum members (if applicable): 30000*
Number of subscribers to email (if applicable): 30000*
Page Rank:  
The Page Rank of the home page is:
Other pages on the site with PR include this list:
Number of indexed pages in Google:
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The site's blog reactions in technorati is:
It has this many listings in DMOZ:
This site has this many entries in Wikipedia:

* Figures based on data provided by the applicant
** Default values used because of absence of user input
All this explained together with a full explanation of this valuation report

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Phone number: 3125055674

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Detailed information

If there is valuable software, database or other asset that is not currently contributing to the income - or will influence the earnings trend upwards - this could increase the price the site reaches at auction. Similarly, if there is an asset that will cease to exist after sale or a license that will revert or end post-sale this could adversely affect the price. If you haven't provided any of those figures then there may not be relevant notes to put this valuation in better context.

If the bulk of the traffic or revenue is from an associated blog or forum that could skew the valuation. Other things being equal sites in some sectors - like the adult industry - sell for a lower multiple. A site that revolves a lot around the seller's personality is more difficult to sell and could see lower prices.

The more a site requires in regular management/promotion time the less attractive it is to buyers and the fewer the buyers bidding for the site at auction, the lower the final sale price.

Other things being equal, a larger number of pageviews suggests to the buyer that the earnings will be steady. If, however, too much of traffic is being referred by just one or two sources that increases the risk for the buyer and often serves to reduce the value.

The larger your body of quality content the greater the number of "natural", organic links a buyer can expect in the future and that influences his perception of how the site is going to fare once he's taken it over. However, content that is duplicated elsewhere, that is lifted from "article directories" etc., tends to impress buyers less and such content pushes down the multiple they are willing to pay. Nature of subject matters too. Evergreen content on, say, astronomy, is likely to be more attractive than content that dates quickly - for example, reviews of the latest laptops.

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